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    Emergency Response Protocol
    Campus Emergency Response System
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    Emergency Response Protocol
    Providing Crisis management technology & consulting services
    for government, businesses , schools , and first responders
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    Emergency Response Protocol
    Your Security Solution

What Is Emergency Response Protocol?

Emergency Response Protocol (ERP) is in the business of saving lives and property with technology using proactive crisis management tools.

Welcome To ERP

At ERP, we apply the full "Situational Awareness Doctrine" in every system. The science of situational awareness is the same cutting edge protocol used by the United States Secret Service and other top-level security providers.

  • Video Surveillance Equipment Installation & Repairs
  • Alarm System and Access control Installation & Repairs
  • Remote Access Configuration (Handheld and internet viewable)
  • Subscription Based Maintenance Service Agreements

It is not difficult for most people to understand the life-saving benefits offered by ERP in an event such as a hostage situation or fire, but ERP is rapidly earning high marks from insurance underwriters and risk managers for its ability to limit or prevent major property damage during more commonplace events.

President, Dave Tiberi